Solomon is the online masonic learning resource for Freemasons in the Craft and Holy Royal Arch.

It is organised into three categories:

1. Seek & Learn: for individual exploration or presentation.

2. Share & Encourage: for use by lodges and chapters.

3. Support & Promote: for Provinces and Districts.

The first two categories have a number of modules covering the Craft, the Royal Arch and more general areas, such as symbolism and history.

This arrangement enables users to focus and drill down to individual nuggets, papers and presentations. It also helps to confine the inquirer to those areas appropriate to his masonic progress.

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Why Companions not Brothers?

Why do Companions wear their Royal Arch Breast Jewel in a craft Lodge?

Why is there an indissoluble link between the Craft and the Royal Arch?


Find the answers to all these and much more in Solomon.
Your journey to Masonic Learning and Development.

Once registered, you can login and enrol in one or more modules and explore Solomon to your heart’s content.

It is intuitive and has been designed to foster curiosity and draw you in to seek answers. You can use various search tools to find and refine your inquiry. You may then read or download as much or as little as you wish. With smartphone access, Solomon can readily provide an answer to a question at a Chapter of Improvement.

Solomon complements the Members Pathway and individual mentoring programmes. These encourage a personalised approach to development. This approach should be extended to develop the interest and enjoyment of all members, enabling them to benefit from a deeper understanding of our ritual and traditions. The result will be improved performance of ceremonies, better mentoring and greater confidence in explaining Freemasonry to others.

Solomon material comprises short ‘nuggets’, papers and demonstrations, as well as longer items for presentation and discussion. A regular presentation of these nuggets at meetings will stimulate a desire to learn more. 

A ‘nugget’ is a five to ten-minute item of interest that can be presented by a member.

It will easily fit into a meeting; perhaps to set the scene, or to act as a conclusion, or even when the candidate retires. It is also suitable for personal study and can be a resource for lodge quizzes. It may also lead to a presentation that expands on a topic of interest.

The Chapter Mentor or Director of Ceremonies will also be able to find material to help a member learn about or understand a topic or issue, or may introduce learning content into regular meetings.

Solomon supports the wants and needs of at least three groups:

  • Those who want to learn more about their masonry.
  • Those with programme planning or member development responsibilities in a lodge or chapter.
  •  Provincial or District Officers charged with promoting and providing learning resources and activities. 

Solomon supports personal inquiry or study, irrespective of experience or prior knowledge. It brings together material from many sources to help answer common questions and improve masonic knowledge and understanding. The online resource can be accessed on multiple platforms such as smartphones, tablets and computers.

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